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Sketches are widely used to design buildings. This is useful for representation purposes. A disadvantage of a sketch is its lack of dimensional control. 

Dimensional control is needed when a new building has to be engineered. Scanning delivers dimensional control and is especially useful within dense urban areas. A laserscanner collects not only the 3D data of the neighbouring buildings but also the rest of the environment on centimeters accuracy.

Scanning is widely used for renovation projects, monitoring projects, Greenfield projects and visualization.



Example Projects:

"Poppodium Gebouw T, Bergen op Zoom"

This building made out of bricks and a metallic structure, started as an army stable and was then used for many years as a sport complex for table tennis before becoming the new youth centre for Pop music in Bergen op Zoom.

The metal trusses had deformed over time leading to a central flexion that needed to be considered. Accurate drawings and measurements were required to make sure the new design fitted into the existing building and that acoustic conditions were optimal.

DelftTech scanned the construction inside out and delivered “as-built” data such as floor plans, sections and drawings of all four façades.

Cultural Center, Sneek:                                                                 Imax-Theatre, Bucarest:

Victoria Albert Museum, London:

Chocolate Factory, Helmond:

Eversstaal Constructies, Haarlem:

Casuariestraat, Den Haag: