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DelftTech develops interactive serious games for industries like defense, education, scientific exploration, health care, emergency management, city planning, engineering and politics.

In 2004 the first serious game was launched. In this game police officers were introduced to crime scene management. The game was based on logged data of a real case in a virtual "as-built" environment. The 3D model of the crime scene was aquired by laserscanning.

Creating 3D city models has many other applications. Architects can use the models to visualize their plans in the "as-built" environment, the models can advance car navigation. "As-built" city models can also upgrade fun computer games from an artificial setting to a customized real setting, be used for the movie industry or can be used in virtual city tours.


 "Doetinchem 1940"

Example Projects:

Caravans & Trailer parks

There are many neighborhoods of mobile homes and caravans which have gained a sense of community over the years. It all started as a temporary settlement, but after decades families are completely rooted. When the houses were first fixed, they were placed randomly, not considering any urban values. Nowadays, municipalities are worried about safety & security conditions. It is, for example, mandatory to have streets wide enough for fire trucks to enter the place in case of fire. Therefore, a research has just started to try and figure out what are the possible options for these settlements in

DelftTech came out with the perfect method to study the trailer parks distribution: Reclassification software.

These neighborhoods are scanned and photographed. All the mobile houses are modeled and mapped with the proper textures so that each house is unique.

With DelftTech's reclassification software all houses can be moved around and environmental conditions like vegetation and cars can be varied. Finally, when all the changes have been made, a 3D virtual walk through the spot is possible, to check how it would look like in reality.

Doetinchem, 1940.

Training-Pilot project, Joulz.

Culemborg 16th Century.