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DelftTech's 3D Laserscanning & modeling techniques offer exact visualization of existing plant structures.
It is essential to scan an old site before it is renovated. Pipelines never follow original plans and therefore, many companies exceed later their budget with rework contingencies.

Scanning the plant provides the necessary as-built data to update the pipeline plans in order to prevent design errors and clashes.

Reducing the time a plant needs to be closed is easy if every new element fits into its new position.

These previous advantages of laser scanning a site among others, lead to important savings.


 "Scan to model"

Example project:

Eurotank, Amsterdam

This old tank storage plant located in the Port of Amsterdam was undergoing a revamp project.

The engineering contractors required the layout of the existing tank-farm and the exact position of the valves before starting to develop the new design.

DelftTech scanned the terminal and provided the client with accurate data such as floor plans, cross-sections and 3D models to facilitate the design of the new pipelines.

CMC Building, Arnhem.

Collision Detection at Offshore Platform, North Sea.