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3D laserscanning, also named as “real-scene copying technology”, can directly collect 3D data of any large-scale, complex object or scene to computers, and then quickly rebuild 3D models. DelftTech can provide an on-site team to do the laserscanning and can also function as a renting & reselling service. Also, the 3D point cloud data can be post-processed (modelling, 360 degree photography, virtual reality, clash detection, monitoring and reporting). It’s the most effective way to quickly get the data of the observed object. Observed objects can be viewed through different orientations and modifications can be made easily. This makes 3D laserscanning a useful tool in design, plan and construction (engineering).

The advantage of laser scanning is that it can record huge numbers of points with high accuracy in a relatively short period of time. It is like taking a photograph with depth information. Laser scanners are line-of-sight instruments, so to ensure complete coverage of a structure, multiple scan positions are required.