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Download the flyer of PointForce HERE!

PointForce Basic is a high-performance pointcloud
and model viewing application that is perfect for realtime data visualization.

Easy to Use
Using PointForce is extremely easy, because of the clear interface, recognizable icons and generic
manipulation tools. With easy to use navigation windows such as 3D, 2D and bubbleview, most people will feel directly at home.

PointForce’s 3D engine has been built to deliver high performance when handling even the largest laserscan
datasets and 3D textured models. Pointcloud datasets are streamed directly from disk. This means you can work with files much larger than the available memory.

Compatible with all scanning systems
Scan data from Zoller & Frolich, Leica, Riegle and others can be imported into PointForce Basic. Data is imported with the correct translation/rotation when available. Data from different scanning systems can be visualized simultaneously.

Photographic representation
Pointclouddata can be difficult to understand. Because of this, PointForce enables users to use a bubbleview representation of the scanner data or view the pointclouds in extreme resolution in 3D. The scanned area will be very realistic, recognizable and easy to understand, also for people with no technical background.

Import 3D textured models
PointForce enables users to view 3D textured models simultaneously with pointclouddata. This is especially useful when geometry has to be compared or when historical 3D CAD data is available. New designs can be reviewed on top of accurate laserscanning data.

Import Drawings and view scan positions
PointForce enables users to import drawings and maps into the pointclouddata. When scan data from Z+F scanners (.zfs files) is used you can review your scan positions.

Smart Walkthrough
View only the scans with the smart walkthrough feature. When walking through the pointcloud, the scans in a predefined radius will automaticly turn on, while other scans will be turned off. This improves the viewquality tremendously.